Driving Business Innovation through AWS Cost Optimization

Are you struggling to find IT budget to drive new business initiatives? There are many things you can do within the AWS console to drastically reduce your monthly AWS spend. Download our free eBook and watch our webinar to learn more about how to better optimize your AWS console and free up IT budgets for projects that drive innovation and move the business forward.

Learn more on:

  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework and how to avoid common cloud consumption pitfalls
  • How to establish and follow Best Practices for Cost, Security, Usage and Availability
  • How to ensure compliance and mitigate risk of costly security breaches
  • Tips and tricks to better optimize your AWS console
  • When to leverage RIs and building a solid RI strategy
  • Cloud OpsPilot™, CorpInfo-Onica’s all-in-one service that tackles visibility & activity to support healthy cloud consumption

Download our seven-point assessment on analyzing your current AWS console for cost optimization and efficiency, which will provide your organization with immediate impact and cost savings. This free eBook also includes access to our on demand cost optimization video and a free trial of our favorite cost optimization tool.