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The Six Steps to Mastering Cost Optimization on AWS

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2020 Guide to AWS Cost Optimization in 6 Steps

Free up your IT budget in 2020 to drive innovation, maximize ROI and increase business value from savings realized by taking steps to optimize your monthly AWS spend. Our latest eBook covers 6 steps that can help improve your infrastructure and free up budgets to drive innovation and move your business forward. Get ahead of your AWS Costs and download our latest eBook today.

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How to improve your infrastructure and maximize the efficiency of your cloud resources

Steps to maximize visibility of your AWS expenditure and identify spending trends



Leverage AWS usage reports to plan cost analysis and reduction, resulting in 10-50% lower monthly AWS bills

How to decipher your AWS costs and identify opportunities for optimization
Strategies to match the provisioning of resources to your usage needs
Utilizing financial instruments such as Reserved Instances to lock in savings

Without cloud cost optimization, businesses could be overspending by more than 70% in the cloud.


- Gartner