Running Windows Worklads & .NET Applications on AWS Webinar

Onica and Amazon Web Services teamed up to present a webinar focused on migrating Windows workloads to AWS and running .NET applications in the cloud.  Whether you’re running Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, or custom .NET applications, you can rely on the secure global infrastructure of AWS to easily run any Microsoft Windows Server applications in the cloud. If you’re a Microsoft shop looking to remove the complexities of managing and scaling your data center or an organization wanting to accelerate your deployment into AWS, this webinar is for you!

What we covered:

  • Introduction to running Windows workloads & .NET applications on AWS
  • How to test, build & deploy Windows servers into AWS
  • How to leverage AWS Tooling for .NET, Lambda, CodeDeploy, S3 & Auto Scaling Groups
  • .NET/VSTS Continuous Integration on AWS demo

There are some misconceptions in the IT world that Microsoft Continuous Integration (CI) development tools may not operate smoothly on AWS. Some assume that because Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and .NET are Microsoft products that they must run better on a Microsoft infrastructure. We’ll show you how that’s not the case with our webinar.