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Optimizing Your Cloud Migration: 4 Paths for a Successful Move to the Cloud

Optimizing your cloud migration LP image_August 2020


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4 Paths for a Successful Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud is a big commitment, made even more stressful by a number of factors including the many possible migration paths you could take. Our latest whitepaper discusses the issues commonly faced by businesses looking to take on a large cloud migration, such as the failure to migrate quickly, which can impact business outcomes and the bottom line.

Download our whitepaper now to discover the ideal migration path for your workloads and ease the stress of your cloud migration journey!

Learn about common cloud migration pitfalls and how you can navigate a successful cloud migration


Important factors to consider in your migration decisions that can impact your overall architecture

The value of migrating by workload instead of migrating your whole infrastructure
How to assess the viability of each path & know when to abandon a path for the next

Deciding how to migrate to AWS should be a process that focuses on each individual workload, rather than trying to find a single solution to be used across the board.


- William Kray, Senior Manager, Product Delivery Integration