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Improving Cloud Cost Transparency & Management

Segmentation & Chargeback of Cloud Spend Data



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LEARN how you can trace cloud costs back to key business segments

Optimize your financial decision making with Cloud Cost Management strategies

When IT leadership considers a migration of workloads to the cloud, they often cite the technological and operational advantages of cloud infrastructure: elasticity, geo-diversity, and speed of innovation. But there’s another significant benefit to cloud migration – the ability to more accurately trace cloud costs to business units, products, or other key segments.

Download our whitepaper to learn the fundamental components of segmenting your cloud spend with real-world examples of companies who have found success! Discover how you can charge costs back to these segments and facilitate superior governance, budgeting, and forecasting to maximize profitability.

Discover how you can trace cloud costs back to key business segments to increase profitability


How segmentation can improve cost traceability, management, and optimization

Real-world examples of how companies are calibrating investment and increasing ROI across segments
Important factors to consider when planning and executing cloud cost segmentation in your organization

Spend segmentation helps generate specific cost data that significantly simplifies chargeback, enriching the quality of financial decision making.