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Migrating the Elephant from On-Premise Hadoop to Amazon EMR



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Harnessing Cloud Flexibility and Scalability with Hadoop

The Value of Amazon EMR for Big Data Migration

Migrating a (potentially multi-petabyte) production, live cluster to AWS is never an easy task due to the sheer number of components and services involved. Download this whitepaper to take a deeper look at the considerations associated with migrating your on-prem Hadoop workload to Amazon EMR.

Amazon EMR is a scalable, easy-to-use way to run Apache Hadoop on the cloud. In addition to easy-to-use automated cluster provisioning, Amazon EMR is able to leverage Amazon S3 for data storage, and a cost-effective way to query workloads.

Learn more about the advantages of Amazon EMR


How to best set up your Amazon EMR architecture, with considerations around cost


Special deployment considerations for a successful migration


Which migration techniques and tools are optimal for your migration needs.


When running your workloads on the cloud, be ready to plan and architect for failures and treat all your data processing resources as ephemeral.