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Whitepaper: Understanding Containers on AWS

Easily Deploy and Scale Containerized Applications on AWS

Leveraging Container Workloads For Business Success


Unless your core business is managing container processes, mastering the management and orchestrating of containers is often a difficult and time consuming process that does not add much value to your bottom line. Although the open source Kubernetes has created an active space for users interested in containerization, there is still a steep learning curve involved in integrating a container orchestration system into your business.

Download our free Whitepaper to learn about:

- Why containers matter and why they work well with the Cloud

- The benefits of running container workloads on AWS

- How to leverage provider agnostic services like Kubernetes on AWS through Amazon EKS (Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes), or use AWS native options like Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, so you can continue to focus on your business' core products and services, instead of focusing on mastering container orchestration