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Automate Your Windows Workloads in AWS

Download Our Whitepaper

Scale Your Environment in AWS with Windows PowerShell and EC2 Run Command.

If you're a Microsoft shop looking to remove the complexities of managing and scaling your data center or an organization wanting to accelerate your deployment into AWS, this complimentary whitepaper is for you! 

Learn more about Windows Server on AWS:

  • Easily manage your Windows Server applications
  • Improve the security posture of your applications
  • Reduce costs associated with your Microsoft applications
  • Get world-class, end-to-end support for your business

Whether you're running Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, or custom .NET applications, you can rely on the secure global infrastructure of Amazon Web Services to easily run any Microsoft Windows Server applications in the cloud. Our whitepaper will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to scale your current environment so your organization can enjoy all of the benefits AWS has to offer for management, administration, workload reliability, visibility, and cross-platform support.